My brain-dump of random code/configuration.

30 Jan 2014

Busybox to the Rescue

Some days before I broke my raspberry pie, after pacman running out of memory, while updating my glibc. To solve such problems on any of my …

16 Oct 2013

Permanent Remap Keys in X11

Because my shift key got broken, I remapped Caps Lock to Shift using xmodmap: remove Lock = Caps_Lock keysym Caps_Lock = Shift_L add Shift = …

03 Sep 2013
23 Aug 2013

Mongoid Use Objectid as Created At

date = “Nov” slug = “Nov/mongoid-use-objectid-as-created-at” One great feature of Mongodb is, that the first bytes of each ObjectID contains …

09 Jun 2013

Use Systemd as a Cron Replacement

Since systemd 197 timer units support calendar time events, which makes systemd a full cron replacement. Why one would replace the good old …