My brain-dump of random code/configuration.

30 Jan 2014

Busybox to the Rescue

Some days before I broke my raspberry pie, after pacman running out of memory, while updating my glibc. To solve such pr...
16 Oct 2013

Permanent Remap Keys in X11

Because my shift key got broken, I remapped Caps Lock to Shift using xmodmap: remove Lock = Caps_Lock keysym Caps_Lock =...
03 Sep 2013

Global Request Management With Restkit

For our latest iOS app we are using RestKit Framework, which is a really great and advanced library to communicate to yo...
23 Aug 2013

Mongoid Use Objectid as Created At

date = “Nov” slug = “Nov/mongoid-use-objectid-as-created-at” One great feature of Mongodb is, th...
09 Jun 2013

Use Systemd as a Cron Replacement

Since systemd 197 timer units support calendar time events, which makes systemd a full cron replacement. Why one would r...