My brain-dump of random code/configuration.

19 Jan 2015

Ipv6 Configuration on Digitalocean on Freebsd

By default Digitalocean add some custom rc.d scripts for network configuration to your droplet. You can just append the ...
06 Jan 2015

Static Mac Address for Bananapi

The bananapi does currently assign random mac addresses to its ethnernet nic, which is bad if you want to assign static ...
14 Nov 2014

Remove Current Binding Dot Pry From Pry

If you are a ruby user and find it annoying to remove binding.pry by hand, you may find the following snippet useful. (P...
01 Nov 2014

Ferm Rules for Docker

The Docker daemon add his own custom rules by default to iptables. If you use ferm to manage your iptables rules, it is ...
10 Jun 2014

Gathering Crash Reports and User Feedback for Your Android App

tl;dr: How-to use ACRA and a PHP-script for getting fairly pretty crash-reports and user-feedback via email (without ugl...