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09 Jun 2012

Use Your Ssh Server as a Socks Proxy

Sometimes for whatever reason you want a secure internet connection. Maybe because you distrust your local network or your network filter some traffic. Openssh is able to speak the SOCKS protocol, which does the trick.

Open you ~/.ssh/config on your local machine and add the following lines:

Host webtunnel
  HostName domain.tld # replace this with your ip or domain name of your server
  DynamicForward 1080
  User myuser # replace this with your ssh login name

next connect to your server like this

ssh webtunnel

This opens a socks connection on your local machine on port 1080. Now you are able to set up every application to use this proxy. These are the common required settings:

Server: localhost
Port: 1080
Proxy-Type: SOCKS5

Personally I use FoxProxy Basic extension for firefox to fast setup a connection, whenever needed.

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