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13 Apr 2017

Solve Vivado Remote Connection Test Failed

When you are trying to get Vivado Remote Connections working on Ubuntu, you might have an issue to establish the connection. This can be …
25 Dec 2015

Rooting Intel Based Tablets on Linux Slash Mac Os X

In this article I will explain how to root Intel-CPU based android Devices on Linux/Mac OS X. The instructions are based on this forum post. …
25 Jun 2015

Cgi Like Python Scripts With Systemd Socket Activation

Lets say you want to trigger remote the start of a python script. But you don’t want to have a service running all the time waiting for …
13 Apr 2015

Fix Sshd Socket Activation When Using Tmux Slash Screen

When using sshd.socket to start sshd on demand, detaching from a tmux/screen session will not work. The reason is once the ssh session is …
19 Jan 2015

Ipv6 Configuration on Digitalocean on Freebsd

By default Digitalocean add some custom rc.d scripts for network configuration to your droplet. You can just append the content of …